Hyles-Anderson College Europe Tour

“When are you going to do another one of your Europe trips?”

This is the one question that has been commonly asked by our graduates and others as I have traveled and spoken in churches these past several years. After ten years, we have decided to do at least one more trip. This is the trip on which we spend the first day and a half retracing what my father did in WWII as a member of the 82nd Airborne, in the Battle of the Bulge, during the crossing of the Ruhr River, and in the Ardennes Forest. We always visit the foxholes in which he fought, the concrete bunkers he captured, and several of the villages his unit liberated along the Siegfried Line (Hitler’s final line of defense) on the Belgium-German border.

Then over the next three days we visit castles, the Rhine River Valley, outdoor Christmas markets, and many other sights throughout Germany’s Bavarian Alps. Finally, we will spend the last two days in the quaint village of Davos, Switzerland (high in the heart of the Alps), where the British royalty often spend their ski holidays.

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    (This is an exclusive trip for Hyles-Anderson friends and acquaintances – all are welcome.)