The Oak Tree and the Tumbleweed by Dr. Ray Young



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One cloudy afternoon a big whirlwind came through the meadow. The whirlwind lifted the tumbleweed into the air and whirled him around and around and around. What fun! Up and up and up he swirled. As the tumbleweed ascended to the very top of the whirlwind, he noticed something exciting! There was a whole new world to explore on the other side of the ridge that bordered his meadow! The only time the tumbleweed had been outside of the meadow was the short trip he had taken to the creek. As the tumbleweed gazed beyond the ridge, he said to himself, “One of these days, I’m going to see what’s out there. It sure looks interesting to me.” But then the whirlwind gently placed the tumbleweed on the ground. Will he ever see more of the world?

Ray Young’s allegory of the feisty tumbleweed and the quiet, stately oak will teach fundamental lessons to readers young and old.

Paperback | Every Page Four-color Fully Illustrated | Glossary Included


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