About Dr. Ray Young

Ray and Debi Young

Dr. Ray Young is the vice chancellor of Hyles-Anderson College, which is owned and operated by the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana. He has served on the church staff and on the college faculty and administration for over forty-three years. In this time, he has been assistant pastor, bus director, and Sunday school director at the church (33 years), while also serving as professor (38 years), executive vice president (11 years), president (11 years), and now, for the past five years, vice chancellor of the college.

Twenty-six years of this time, Brother Young served as a bus director of First Baptist Church, overseeing 155 Sunday school bus routes. During these years, special Sundays often resulted in bus attendance of over 10,000 per Sunday. Over 5,200,000 total riders came to First Baptist Church on those 155 bus routes, and 876,462 of these riders made professions of faith in Christ. Ray Young has also written six books, including a 300-page manual on the bus ministry entitled The Miracle of the Bus Ministry. (This book and others are available at www.worthpublications.com).

He and his wife of forty-one years, Debi, have three daughters, all of whom serve part- time in the ministry. Each is married to a preacher in full-time service.

Currently, as vice chancellor of Hyles-Anderson College, Brother Young travels weekly, speaking in more than 70 churches and conferences each year.