Lifetime in Letters Reviews

I’m tearing up and only to Mrs McKinney ‘s note at the beginning. It will take a long time to get through this book. Thank you for your time to make it happen. Every sentence is a memory.

~ Bruce Goddard

Today I read Volume I of your new release, “Dr. Jack Hyles – A Lifetime in Letters.” I can only begin to imagine the labor of love that this represents. I wanted to express my conviction that this massive undertaking will not be in vain. The hours of compiling, editing, and adding context to those letters will not only benefit the readers, but will indirectly benefit those to whom the readers minister.

~ Dr. Mark Bachman

Today, I want to encourage all of my friends who love Dr. Hyles to get yourself a copy of Dr. Ray Young’s newest book Dr. Jack Hyles–A Lifetime in Letters. The other day, while on vacation, I decided to begin reading my new book. When I finally had to put down the book in order to complete another task, I thought to myself ” It seems like I have just spent the morning with Dr. Hyles.”
What a wonderful treasure this book is. I was intrigued first by the layout of the chapters. Dr. Young gives the reader the history of the fundamental movement as it was in Dr. Hyles’ life. If one reads the book just for this information, he will glean so much appreciation for the independent status we claim. If one reads the book just to receive the information Dr. Young gives concerning Dr. Hyles’ life and accomplishments, he will again receive so much insight into why we believe like we do. Next, Dr. Young allows the reader to visit with Dr. Hyles during some of his most personal times. For example, I believe that in the first letter in the book which is written to his mother, Dr. Hyles calls his mom–“mommy”! That was just so precious to read. A grown man who loves his mom so much that he calls her mommy. All-in-all I have read many biographies of this great man; each one was excellent; but this book made me feel like I had spent the morning with Dr. Hyles.
I felt refreshed, encouraged, and educated. If you have the opportunity to get a copy of this book, I would suggest you spend the money to have your own personal copy. I give Dr. Young a real shout out for this fine piece of literary work. Can’t wait for Volume II.

~ Mrs. Belinda Gaona

Almost through with your new book, it has been challenging and inspiring to read about the young Jack Hyles. Thank you for your hard work in putting this project together and for keeping his memory

~ John Francis

Wow Ray! Been reading through your book. It’s going to be a great teaching tool for pastors, church members, and people in general to see how Bro. Hyles responded and treated people. What a great tool for Christ.

~ Dan Cavender

I have already started reading it and sure have enjoyed what I have read. It is called,”Pastor of the World’s Largest Sunday School – Dr. Jack Hyles – A lifetime In Letters”. Because of the hour and having to drive tomorrow, I am having to put it down. I do not want to!

I do hope you would consider adding this book to your library. I have been blessed just by the introduction by Bro. Young, Mrs. Erma McKinney, and Mrs. Mabel Boardway.

The teaching in the introduction alone is worth the money to purchase this book. This book has already become valuable to me as a Christian, Teacher of Baptist History, and as a Pastor of one of the Chicago Baptist Churches.

~ Danny Clubb

Reading your new book and loving it. Thank you for sharing these letters with us.

~ Don Tinsley

I wanted to write and thank you for giving to us “A Lifetime in Letters.” I can only imagine the amount of time and work that goes into a project like that. A part of me is envious, no doubt it was enjoyable to read all of those letters from Dr. Hyles.
I devoured the book in one night – couldn’t put it down! There was so much to learn. I especially enjoyed the exchanges between Dr. Hyles and Mrs. Rice. You said volume II was 85% done – and I can’t wait to get it!

~ Abdel Judah

Dear Bro. Young, Your new book “A LIFETIME IN LETTERS” has been such an encouragement and challenge to me! What a blessing to get such insight into Dr. Hyles early ministry. Thank you for ALL your hard work. It is truly an investment in the future ministries of all who read it. I feel as if Bro. Hyles has answered some questions that are pertinent in my ministry today.

~ Tim Kirchoff

Hi Bro Young, sure enjoyed reading your new book, just finished it and passed it on to Bro McDaniel. You made a great man so real & reachable! I really liked how you led the reader to learn the different lessons from the letters. Very thoughtful & so much wisdom! The young Jack Hyles is an inspiration! Thanks!

~ Will Hepworth

Thank you for having the insight for the writing of Dr. Jack Hyles, A Lifetime in Letters. For one who did not have the privilege of serving with Brother Hyles, I felt as though I was in the inner circle. I could very easily see how God was working in his life and developing his ministry. I am looking forward to the other volumes following.

~ Randall Glenn

I just finished the book…thoroughly enjoyed it! I found it to be informational, instructional, and inspirational. WELL DONE! I cried…thank you again.

~ Danny Allen


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